Cole’s Story

cole_smith jpegCole Smith is a 7 year- old Sherwood, Oregon boy struggling with the devastating symptoms of arachnoid cysts in his brain.  After suffering from severe headaches and pain in his arms and legs for many months,  doctors did an MRI and discovered two  cysts growing in Cole’s young brain.

A rare condition with no definitive cause, the cysts are benign tumors located in the arachnoid membranes of the brain. Symptoms vary and can be very debilitating. In Cole’s case, symptoms include severe headaches, double or blurry vision which is gradually leading to vision loss in his left eye, nausea, pain, and severe numbness (and occasional paralysis) on the left side of his body.  As a result, Cole has missed many days of school and is often unable to participate in school and social activities with other children.

The images below show  a very large cyst in his right brain (dark area in the image to the left and white mass in the one on the right) and a smaller one on the left side.









Because of the size and severity of Cole’s cyst, doctors feel it is important to drain and remove it as soon as possible. The renowned Skull Base Institute in California offers a minimally invasive surgical procedure which carries low risk for Cole, along with a nearly 100% success rate with children and adults with this condition. Medical and travel costs for this procedure total an amount that is totally out of reach for Cole’s family. We’re asking for your support in getting him the medical treatment he desperately needs.

Support Cole through the Skull Base Foundation

The Skull Base Foundation, was started in 2004 by Hrayr Shahinian, M.D., a skull base tumor specialist who has exclusively devoted his practice to pioneering new, lower risk approaches to brain surgery. To date, Dr. Shahinian and his team of specialists have removed more than 5000 brain and skull base tumors using advanced, fully endoscopic, minimally invasive techniques.

Your generous gift to Cole’s dedicated “surgery fund” through the Skull Base Foundation will help him get the care he needs to restore his ability to be a kid again, through the removal of his arachnoid cysts. Simply click on the “Donate Now” button to the right, fill out the form and be sure to put “Cole Smith surgery fund in the box for dedication. Any funds that are not used directly by Cole will remain with the Foundation to help others suffering from skull base tumors. Your donation is fully tax deductible to the fullest extent the law permits.